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Cornerstone Collaborative Nevada's network of caring individuals and committed organizations directly engages the most vulnerable populations and people most in need of support for education, training, employment, legal advocacy, housing, health, nutrition, wellness, and whose underserved communities need immediate and sustainable economic development.

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Our Team

Evynn McFalls

Executive Director, Nevada

As Executive Director, Evynn is focused on community fundraising, awareness and mutual aid initiatives. Among them are efforts for child and adult literacy programming throughout the State of Nevada, mutual aid for victims of domestic and gendered violence, advocacy for the protection and advancement of those facing homelessness and housing insecurity, and building systems of sustainability in growing communities in the Great Basin. Evynn also serves as Cornerstone's Director of Marketing and Communications.

Evynn has been exploring, analyzing and documenting stories about people, their priorities and the myriad tools they use to communicate for over a decade. As the Director of Insights and Strategy at The Abbi Agency and the principal at his own nonprofit-focused consultancy, he brings his experience as a community/institutional literacy researcher to help businesses, individuals and institutions understand their purposes, relationships, goals and unique value propositions. He transforms those insights into strategies, tactics and other socio-behavioral technologies to drive results that change constituent behavior and improve community outcomes.

Evynn McFalls studied journalism and creative nonfiction at the University of Nevada - Reno before moving to New York City to undergo masters and doctoral studies in rhetoric, composition and community literacy (with a focus on digital civics and compassionate frameworks for public engagement) at St. John's University. A tireless advocate for literacy, human rights and networked community development, Evynn now splits his time in Nevada between Reno and Boulder City.

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