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Family Resources

This e​ffort provides shoes, gently used uniforms, clothing, hygiene supplies, school supplies and more to children and families in need.

Housing Initiative

Through construction and renovation this program aims to assist those who live in dilapidated and inhabitable homes and offer long term sustainable housing solutions. 

Community Food

Aims to feed the indigent and to provide and  cater to young, middle-aged, and elderly. Canned items and non-perishable dry foods such as rice, beans, macaroni, and flour can be donated. 

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HeavenSent Foundation is aiming  to assist a visually-impaired gentleman residing in Steer Town (St. Ann) Jamaica. We are in need of donations to assist him in purchasing a stove and materials to build a functional bathroom for his use. He is currently living without a stove and is unable to cook regularly due the condition of his kitchen.

Housing Initiative

We were unable to provide support to the Williamson and Betton family.  Their house is home to a family of four living in rural St. Ann. One hundred percent of the funds we raised through donations to the Housing Initiative for this family has been redirected to another family living in similar circumstances. 

Clothing Pop Up Tent in Ocho Rios