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Cornerstone Collaborative New Jersey network of caring individuals and committed organizations directly engages the most vulnerable populations and people most in need of support for education, training, employment, legal advocacy, housing, health, nutrition, wellness, and whose underserved communities need immediate and sustainable economic development.

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East Orange


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Montclair State University’s Male Enrollment & Graduation Alliance (MEGA) Symposium II

Having delivered a successful workshop during the first MEGA Symposium in 2023, Cornerstone Collaborative New Jersey was invited to present as part of the 2024 event. Cornerstone Collaborative continued to provide support and offer solutions to Brown and Black and Latino young men through the critically important work hosted by Montclair State University.

Culinary Access Program

NJ is one of the wealthiest states in the US and, yet, hunger and stress from insufficient and inadequate food is found in all of the counties of the state. Hunger strikes your child's classmates, our elderly neighbors, and possibly people in your own family.

In urban areas, lack of food and nutritious options are an even a bigger problem. About 800,000 people in New Jersey face hunger every day. Approximately 200,000 of them are children. When they don’t have enough food to eat, they can suffer direct and dramatic effects on their physical development and mental well-being.

The Culinary Access Program is an initiative to enhance sustainable economic development, food security and nutrition in urban and peri-urban areas, and nearby rural spaces. It consists of a vast range of workshops, educational programs and initiatives developed and implemented in partnership with different stakeholders from academia, public agencies, and private individuals and entities.

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Our Team

We love creating opportunities

Mario Chape

Executive Director 

Union City

Mario Chape brings the smoke and spice to New Jersey and beyond with full flavored and charismatic approach. He’s a tested and true entrepreneur, easily attributable to being the son of hardworking Puerto Rican and Cuban parents. Mom set the bar high for him to graduate with a B.A from the prestigious Providence campus of Johnson & Wales University.

In 2010, he was inspired to bring his experience to the world expressing Latino roots in the age-old traditions of barbecue and barbacoa.  Working closely with charcoal roasting box manufacturers over the years allows Mario to deliver consistent quality asadora for private events, catering and brand building opportunities. His partnership with industry leaders like Frontier Charcoal continue to make roads for the communities Mario represents.

Bringing his story to others means full community immersion and giving back through programs like "Feed the Family" community fridge, a place to drop off or pick up food; a culinary community center to give folks opportunity to further themselves in culinary business education; and Culinary Economic Empowerment, a business development plan for a path to entrepreneurship rooted in mentoring.

Un-Cornering Your Potential..Vision, Confidence, and Mentorship(Workshop)Mentorship

MEGA Symposium on Friday, March 3, 2023 Montclair State University

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