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We're excited to provide FREE remote classes in English to students from across the Caribbean. Finalize your registration by completing the 'Register' form below and join us in starting your tech journey. Together, we'll learn and innovate as a united community!

Classes are scheduled to take place every Tuesday, at 6:00pm CST. We are delighted to inform you that these classes are offered to students at no cost. However, we kindly ask for your commitment, as missing three or more sessions could potentially lead to relinquishing your reserved spot. Your commitment to attending will ensure a fulfilling and enriching experience for everyone involved.

Supporting Digital Equity in the Caribbean

One of our students in JA created this design during a Techquity class

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Bringing Digital Equity to Jamaica (2022)

The Jamaican Digital Equity (Techquity) Initiative aims to make technology accessible to children who otherwise wouldn’t have access. The short-term objective is to remotely teach coding, website development, app creation, game design, and to foster a welcoming environment for young people. The long-term goal is to create opportunities for expanded learning, higher education, and employment, and to disrupt generational poverty. The platform and curriculum are provided for free to learners ages 7-17 by Cornerstone Collaborative Jamaica working with global volunteers to teach the curriculum virtually.

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Techquity Parent Feedback

"Thank you for providing such an opportunity for my daughter to be a part of. She has enjoyed and benefited from the experience, and has looked forward to each learning sessions."

Head Instructor, Tony Fan during one of the coding club sessions

Techquity Coding Club 10/26/22

Tony Fan, Head Instructor

Mr. Fan is a senior technical director at Reel FX Creative Studio. He studied computer science in college and graduated in 2002. Post graduation, Mr. Fan had done a few years of web IT work, but eventually decided that it was not for him. He needed more creative freedom at work so he enrolled in a graduate program at NYU for 3D graphics in 2007 and began a new career at Rhythm & Hues Studios in 2010. It was everything he anticipated and more. Mr. Fan has worked with amazing artists and programmers on "Life of Pie" and "Percy Jackson 2". Unfortunately, Rhythm & Hues filed for bankruptcy in 2012 - shortly before being awarded an Oscar for best CG for "Life of Pie". Mr. Fan started at Reel FX in 2013 and worked on "Book of Life", "Scooby Doo", and "Rumble" to name a few. Mr. Fan says he has really enjoyed the people and challenges here at Reel FX and looks forward to new projects.

Tony  thinks programming is wonderful and is happy to support technological skills development and digital equity to children who normally would not have such access. Mr. Fan hopes to help the children explore and discover programming principles with visual examples and perhaps help them find their paths in life.

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