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We believe in ending poverty in Jamaica. 

All donations to Cornerstone Collaborative Jamaica go toward achieving this goal.

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For Jamaican Farmers

Cornerstone seeks to measurably improve the ability of rural farmers in St. Ann, Jamaica to access water for year-round and sustainable agriculture for food production.  For more information or to support this important endeavor, visit our Programs page, click the image to the right to be redirected to the Watering Farms page, or contact us.





Digital Equity

The Jamaican Digital Equity (Techquity) Initiative aims to make technology accessible to children and adolescents in the Caribbean who otherwise wouldn’t have access. The short-term objective is to remotely teach coding, website development, app creation, game design, and to foster a welcoming environment for young people. The long-term goal is to create opportunities for expanded learning, higher education, and employment, and to disrupt generational poverty. The platform and curriculum is provided through a volunteer-led program that is free to learners ages 7-17.


For more information or to support this effort, visit our Programs page, click the image to the right to be redirected to the Techquity page, or contact us.    




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Support for Basic Needs

Cornerstone Collaborative Jamaica aims to have the financial ability to provide basic needs support when and where needed to support the community, in addition to its other initiatives; Watering Farms Initiative, and the Jamaican Tech Initiative. Currently, Cornerstone Collaborative Jamaica works with HeavenSent Foundation, community leaders, government officials, and church leadership, to identify those who are most in need of support. Once candidates have been identified, Cornerstone Collaborative Jamaica secures funds and promotes awareness by creating crowdfunding campaigns. Once the campaigns have been funded Cornerstone Collaborative ensures the successful delivery of funds, goods, or services.

Our Team

No Where Better Than Yard


Carrie Azan-Moncrieffe

Executive Director, Jamaica

Mrs. Azan - Moncrieffe holds a B.S. in Mass Communication emphasizing Advertising and Public Relations, and double-minor concentrations in Political Science and International Relations from Bemidji State University in Minnesota. Additionally, Carrie has received a Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership from the University of Arizona.

Carrie is a Jamaican – American dedicated to helping reduce poverty, increasing opportunities for sustainability, and helping to create economic growth for underserved communities.

She possesses over a decade of experience in marketing, public relations, technical and non-technical writing, social media, campaign launches, campaign management, sales forecasting, public speaking, design, SEO, analytics, and budget management.

Carrie mentors and encourages younger generations by coaching dance and gymnastics. She loves inspiring others to pursue active lifestyles, step out of their comfort zone, try new things, and accomplish their goals.

Dr. Anne-Teresa Birthwright, PhD

Project Advisor

Ricardo Riley

Director of Operations,

Dr. Shaneica Lester, PhD

Project Advisor

Tony Fan

Head Instructor, Techquity

Cornerstone Collaborative Jamaica, Ltd. Suite 27, Winchester Business Centre, 15 Hope Road, Kingston 10

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